Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monday, March 22, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Kason has found a series of books the he can't put down. Many of you probably have already heard of them. I was familiar with them awhile ago but, thought Kason wouldn't be interested in them.
Last week a friend at school brought the second book for Kason to read. He got home at 3:00 and did not take his nose out of that book until he finish the book at 7:00 that night. 270 pages. WOW!
The very next day I went to the Smithfield Library and checked out the third book and reserved the first book (most popular).
If any of you have kids around 8 or 9 you should give them a try. Kason said they are an easy read and super funny. Plus there is now a movie that just came out about the books. I told Kason I would take him to see the movie as soon as he finishes all the books.
I was proud of Kason for finishing an entire book in just a couple of hours.


Kenzie has decided that training wheels just aren't for her. Last week Kenzie asked me to take the training wheels off of her new Princess bike. She informed me that she no longer needed them. I was a little hesitant but, I figured after the first fall the training wheels would go right back on.
She gave it a real good try on the first day but, still didn't quite get the hang of it.
Last Friday we were over at my mothers house and there was a small bike without training wheels. I saw her looking the bike over and I wondered if she was brave enough to give it another try. Before I knew it she was riding the bike down the sidewalk. By HERSELF. No training wheels, No one running to the side of her. ALL BY HERSELF!!
I love that about Kenzie. When she wants to do something she puts her mind to it and just does it. Determined.

Of course we had to take a trip up to the shop to show Dad.

Friday, January 29, 2010

It's been a long TIME!!

Wow! It's been awhile since I updated my blog. (I'm sure I wasn't missed) I'm not even going to try to catch you up on what has happened since June but, I will try to update a little better.

Kenzie had her 4th Birthday on the 19th of January. She choose a Princess carriage for her cake this year and I must say this was quite easy in comparison to some of their other cakes.

She had a lot fun with her family and she did get a new bike that she has been wanting since last summer. She needs a big girl bike without the training wheels. She is growing up too fast.

Happy Birthday Kenzie

Birthday girl with her princess carriage cake.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Hobby

Okay friends... I have found my new hobby and may have gone a little over board. I love making crafts and lately this is all I have been doing. So, I thought I could turn my love of cutting wood into a little side job. (Nothing Big, Mainly for fun)
I have posted pictures of the recent crafts I have done but, there are so much more I haven't pictured. If people seem interested I will definitely post more!
I want to remind you that I can personalize anything to make it your own. So anything you see I can put vinyl lettering on and make it however you want.
Please take a look and if you are intrested in buying any of these crafts or would like me to make you something (ANYTHING) I would love to hear from you. Please E-mail me at
I also do Vinyl lettering for you walls or pitures. I can do just about anything with vinyl. (Please let me know if you are intrested and I will E-mail you Fonts and designs) Clocks are really popular and I have made lots in really fun shapes!
I hope you take a look at the pictures below and let me know what you all think.

"Welcome Flower" This one is my favorite and most popular so far. This cute flower I have done in just about every color and you can't go wrong! This one is purple and is really cute. Other colors: Lime green, Sage Green, pink, yellow and Orange. I even had a lady I work with want hers RED and it is super cute. The ribbon that comes on it to hang it by, I try to match with center color of your flower. This flower can come with or without the "Welcome" in the center.
Flower alone $15.00
Flower with "Welcome Letters" $17.00
Please remember I can costimize these any way you would like them:)

Cute in Orange!!!

"Three Star USA" Sorry this picture would not turn correctly. I hope you can still see how cute this one is. It's really fun for the up coming fourth of July holiday. This back board is in cream and the stars are navy but, I can also do the stars in mauve which is darling also. Selling price $25.00

"Star USA" This one is fun and perfect for the fourth of July. Selling price $15.00

"Garden Posts" These are really fun and super cute for your garden. This one I personalized for a lady I work with. There are several cute and cleaver saying that can be put on the posts. A popular one is your last name or "Jackie" Garden" These also come in a flower or a darling Bee. (I will be posting a picture of those soon) Selling price $25.00

This flower I made for Kasons teacher. I love that I could personalize it to fit Mrs. Buttars. This can be done with any colored background and any color you would like for the flower. Selling price $15.00

Here it is without the lettering. Remember I can costimize anything, so it fits excatly what you want it for.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Soccer Season came to an end.

I am so sad that the season is over. I love soccer and I love that Kason likes to play. This is the only picture I have right now of Kason and soccer. My sister is
E-mailing me some great picture of their last game today. I will post later.
Kason loved to play goalie and was really good at it. I hated it because it's a lot of pressure for mom. Hayden and Colton both play on Kasons team so that made for an interesting season.
Funny thing that happened last Saturday at their game: They were playing a team that had never lost and was really GOOD! (probably because of their natzi coach) anyhow, Kason was goalie for a quarter and Hayden was playing defender.
Kason got scored on and Hayden turns to Kason and says "You SUCK!! we want a new goalie!" Okay as mom your mama bear instints take over and I wanted to scratch Haydens eyes out. Hayden being my nephew and all I was forces to tone it down a bit and yelled back at Hayden " Hayden, where were you? You are suppose to be his defender. That ball never should have gotten to Kason."
WOW talk about competitive. I guess it's good that its over.
Bring on BASEBALL!!

This is the picture I took for my mom for mothers day. This was the best of all the kids. Not all are looking at the camera and some are pulling some retarded faces but, hey it's still pretty cute.

Just a cute picture of my little man. Dang he's Cute!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kason is "7"

April 3rd was Kasons Birthday. I can't believe that he is seven years old. It seems like yesterday when I was bringing him home for the hospital. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Kason is such a wonderful kid and I can't imagine him not a part of this family. I love him very much and I love to watch him grow up.
If any of you have gotten the change to be around Kason you will know what a kind, sweet boy he is.
I Love you Kason and I hope your day was Great!!!

This year I picked out Kasons Birthday cake. You will see why in later posts. If you can't tell what the cake is, it is a golf bag with golf clubs.

Present, Presents. Kason loves Star Wars and this is what most of his presents consisted of. Thanks Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, cousins and Tony for your gifts.

This is what Ben & I gave Kace for his Birthday.(Hence the Birthday Cake) He is finally old enough to go golfing with Ben and Grandpa Dean. He was really excited and I hope that the golf clubs see alot of use this summer.

After Birthday cake and presents, Kason wanted to go bowling. We went to the Fun Park for cosmic bowling. This year Kason didn't get a friend party we decided that every other year can be a friend party. The party was fun and it was just like having a friend party because of all the wonderful family that came to support Kason. He has several cousins that are the same age or close to the same age so it's fun for all of them to get together and have a party.

Here is the Karren Family. I beleive that Stetsen & Easten scored higher than Rusty. It's so funny now to watch Easten, he doesn't want to be left out of anything!